Safety, Health and Environment

Banagas was established as a major initiative to use valuable resources effectively by processing large quantities of associated gas extracted from Bahrain Oil Field in to marketable products and eliminate venting if gases into the atmosphere. At Banagas, one goal overrides all others; making sure everyone goes home safe every day. Banagas believe that to produce best product in its class, employees need to be trained, fit, alert and work safely.

In Banagas, Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) requirements are integrated in to every business processes. Company is committed to minimizing risk to employees, contracted staff, visitors and the surrounding public arising from any of its integrity by maximizing human and equipment reliability.

Banagas always enforces the most stringent regulations, closely following international gas industry health and safety standards to ensure safe working conditions at all it's facilities.

Management of Gaseous Air Pollution

In compliance with regulatory requirements, gas emissions produced by gas turbines and gas dehydration units at compression stations and the main plant are regularly measured and reported to the Supreme Council for the Environment.

Banagas also monitors the emissions continuously through the installed Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS). This system has been installed for representative stacks to observe and demonstrate the air pollution, control measure, and comply with emission limitation in Bahrain.

Elimination of Ozone Depleting Gases

Banagas was the first Company in Bahrain to eliminate the use of halons in firefighting systems, replacing them with more environmental friendly ozone-protective products, pursuant to the resolutions of the Montreal Protocol to which Bahrain is signatory.

Dedicated Waste Storage Area for Industrial Waste

A dedicated temporary storage area has been designated for interim storing of hazardous industrial waste such as filters and carbon substances used in cleaning hydrocarbons from impurities. Procedures have also been developed for waste management, recycling ,treatment and transportation to the industrial waste landfill designated by the Supreme Council for the Environment.

Implementation of International Standards

To achieve its Corporate Objective to “provide a safe and healthy workplace and protect the environment”, Banagas adopted ISO 45001, an internationally accepted standard on occupational health and safety management systems and ISO 14001, an internationally accepted standard on its environmental management system to develop its integrated Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Management System. Banagas has been awarded certification for both standards.

Elimination of Items Containing Asbestos

A specialized committee has identified all spare parts containing asbestos and replaced them with environment-friendly substitutes.

Hazop Study

The Company has developed a Hazard and Operability (Hazop) procedure for all engineering modifications which involves the application of a formal, systematic and rigorous examination.

A Hazop committee made up of individuals with varying backgrounds and expertise is brought together during Hazop sessions in which they conduct a formal identification and assessment procedure of potential risks.

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

Banagas employs a risk based approach to the plant inspection process prioritizing inspection of entities according to their likelihood of failure and the potential consequences. The RBI methodology allows Banagas to establish a cost effective maintenance and testing program that provides assurance for the mechanical integrity and reliability plant equipment especially pipelines and vessels.

Liner System for Weathering Pits

Banagas completed the provision of lining system for the weathering pits at the Central Gas Plant to ensure that the surrounding soil is protected from contamination.

Noise Level Controls

Turbines, compressors and air-cooler fans and pumps all have the potential to generate a dangerous level of noise. All areas where noise levels may reach 85+ dB or more have been clearly identified and clearly indicated as high noise areas. Noise levels in these areas have been mitigated by the use of silencer partitions and all employees are required to wear protective equipment.

Forestation Of The Sakhir Area

In support of the national environmental protection campaign 2,000 trees have been planted in the Sakhir Area near the Company’s facilities. This project has added a measure of beauty to the wild nature of these areas.

Awards and Certification

At the heart of the Banagas way forward is the vision to be a global role model for not only output and performance, but as a company admired for its people, its safety, and its corporate and environmental responsibility.

Our safety practices have been recognized every year since 1981 by leading international organizations such as the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in the United Kingdom, the Gas Processors Association of America and the National Safety Council, also of the USA.